IMO audiovisual show surprises secondary students of Quillón

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Always aiming to spread the science of the sea, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography visited the Liceo Polivalente Luis Cruz Martínez of Quillón. On November 3, about 120 students of second level high school lived the Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Exhibition

The activity, seeks to educate students about the oceans care, began with a video that illustrates the trash impact on the sea. In the South Pacific and in the North Pacific Ocean in there center there are islands of rubbish and evidence of the impact of man in this regard. Then the students reinforced their knowledge in an experimental stage, which consists of simulating the formation of oceanic turns resulting from the movement of the Earth, and how the garbage accumulates in the center of these.

The classification of organic and inorganic garbage is also a topic that is demonstrated in a practical way in MACI, students should classify the type of garbage and identify recycling and reuse strategies. Finally, they commit to being more aware of the Ocean and the effects of its pollution.

Ximena Becerra, professor and coordinator of Sciences of the DAEM of Quillón emphasized in the importance of generating changes from an early age. "Our locality is far from the sea, that is why it is important to bring this type of knowledge to the students. It is a world virtually unknown to them. The knowledge of science is what we try to raise in the commune, from kindergarten. We want to encourage students with the spirit of research, "said Ximena.

The idea of this exhibition is to deepen the knowledge of the Ocean now in high school. By the way, Tamara Luna of the IMO Extension team said: "The central theme of this, is to show the islands of garbage found in the ocean. The idea is that they discuss and generate new knowledge. The objective is that the students formulate a proposal based on the daily activities that they do, and thus produce a change to reduce the garbage, "said Tamara. In this way, through the information, it is possible to reach a social commitment on the subject.

On this occasion, MACI counted with the presence of the IMO monitors and students: Belén Franco, Daniel Veloso, Darío Torres and Guillermo Feliu.

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