IMO attends to the Science Fair organized by Scuola Italian of Concepción

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

On October 20, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) participated in the first version of the Science Diffusion Fair and Environmental in charge of the Scuola Italiana of Concepción.

On the occasion, the IMO was present with a stand that included samples of zooplankton, fish deep, as well with general information and Ocean biogeography. In parallel, Barbara Léniz, Subdirector of outreach team, she made the talk entitled "Our Ocean", focused on fifth- and sixth grade.

The exhibition began with issues concerning the origin of the Earth, the lifetime of a human being on the planet and a comparison with the origin of life. "We also talked about the most important features of the global ocean, then awareness about the humans impact on the ocean. I tried to show in what ways we pollute the ocean, the waste we produce, damage microplastics and also a video where shows it exist an island of garbage located in the North Pacific, "said Barbara Léniz. All with the aim to sensitize the new generations and motivate a change for the planet benefit.

Meanwhile, Lorena Curilao, Scuola Italiana guidance counselor and organizer of the event, made a positive assessment of the activity. "The main objective is to disseminate scientific and environmental activities, considering that our school is very concerned about teaching these areas. Our school is focused on Science and the last year we obtained excellence on environmental certification", emphasized the teaching.

In the Science Fair also participated centers of the Universidad de Concepción: COPAS Sur Austral, INCAR, AlGALAB, CODEF, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Oceanographic. In addition there were included exhibitions from CICAT, INACAP and Universidad San Sebastián.

Also came to visit the Fair students from establishments: Liceo de Madera, Colegio San Pedro, Colegio San José and Colegio Fraternidad.

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