IMO and PAR Explora Biobio contest "Sumérgete a explorar" already has its first winners

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

With the aim of bringing concepts of Oceanography and Marine Sciences to young students, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography with PAR Explora Biobío launched earlier this year the "Sumérgete a explorar" competition. The competition brings together four challenges where primary students should represent different creative proposals related to the Sea.

The first challenge was the photomontage "Quién se come a quién" where students had to graph a food chain. On the occasion, the 6th grade of Paulo Freire College of San Pedro de la Paz was the winner. The teacher in charge of the group of students Angela Saravia said "these activities are opportunities for teachers who are motivated to participate and perform different learning activities for students, using the tools provided by this programs and making the descent with the main characters that are our children".

While in the second challenge was creating a story, called "Cuéntame el mar" invites students to write a literary proposal linked to the sea from the concepts found on Here, the winners were the students of the School Spain D-870 in Los Angeles.

The teacher in charge of the group Rocsana Jarpa said: "my students first visited “Sumérgete” website to explore in order to learn about different species of sea while seeking ideas to create the story, then made a brainstorm with different possible marine characters to use, then suggested probable beginnings to the story in which they voted by one and as individual task was to create a development for the beginning and end chosen”.

Finally, the award of both groups is a guided tour of the Marine Biological Station located in Dichato to be held in November. There are still two more challenges that involve the production of a video and a comic, where students from the Biobio Region may continue to participate.

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