IMO and MUSELS perform scientific activity for students of San Carlos

Friday, August 26, 2016

On Monday August 22, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS conducted an outreach activity for Liceo Politécnico Ignacio Carrera Pinto from San Carlos. On the occasion, 30 secondary students learned about the scientific work of both research centers.

The activity began with the Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show (MACI) in which students could learn concepts related to the trash in the Ocean. Tamara Luna, from IMO’s outreach team states that "we wanted to participate in this initiative, bringing MACI to Secondary Education. Most students had an interest in the scientific area. We show the impact of trash in the ocean and how it is generated, ending with an experiment showing the gyres ".

After MACI, the students visit the Marine Biology Station of the Universidad de Concepción located in Dichato. Through interactive lectures, videos and experiments, the young students learned about the work done by IMO and MUSELS. Valeska San Martin, member of MUSELS said "the idea of the activity was to present the research done in the two multidisciplinary projects. They were instructed in food webs, energy transfers, climate change and ocean acidification. As MUSELS we want to know the effects and consequences of ocean acidification. "

The activity also considered samples of zooplankton and phytoplankton observation. Jaime Arias, professor at the Liceo Politécnico Ignacio Carrera Pinto said "It is a valuable and important experience for our students, this link is enriching because they can see the laboratories and operation of scientific research. Our students show an interest in the area”.

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