IMO and its audiovisual show travel to Yungay to enchant with the Sciences of the Sea

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yungay was the last destination of the Scientific Audiovisual Itinerant Exhibition (MACI) in 2016. The proposal organized by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and supported by PAR Explora Biobío, visited the commune where 100 students of the establishments: Escuela Los Mayos, Ranchillos School and Liceo Campanario, lived the experience. In this opportunity, also participated the Foundation for the Overcoming of Poverty and the DAEM of Yungay.

Students of first and second cycle of basic education knew a little more closely the curiosities of the Ocean. The activity, considered videos of the programs "The force of the sea" and "Las aventuras de Ruka". Then, through the work with the IMO monitors they interacted their previous knowledge through explanatory sheets. The activity also considered zooplankton samples and experiments to measure salinity and temperature in the oceans. To conclude, the students of both levels reinforced the knowledge learned through a questionnaire.

Eugenia López, director of the DAEM of Yungay valued the instance as a novel activity to get a closer look at the Sciences of the Sea. "We are very grateful, I consider is a significant instance for for the students. We are always at a disadvantage because children come from rural areas. There are few possibilities to access this kind of experience. As a communal system we have formed a network of Sciences and we want to strengthen this area ", concluded Eugenia.

Meanwhile, Tamara Luna of the IMO Extension team made a positive balance of activity. "The perception of the students and the teachers is very positive, within the majority of the suggestions mentioned that we re-replicate the activity. This instance unties the traditional contexts of education and show a more current approach according to the needs of the students. In addition, the team of monitors is increasingly consolidated with the work to be done, "said the professional.

The activity was attended by marine biologists and IMO monitors: Belén Franco, Guillermo Feliú, Carlos Cantergiani, Carol González and Linette Tralma. It should be noted that with this visit, the MACI 2016 roaming ends; Which this year included not only localities in the Biobío Region, but also Antofagasta, Valparaíso and Punta Arenas.

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