Successful IMO postdoctoral workshop was conducted in Concepción

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 of March, was held the first post-doctoral annual workshop of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography; which was held in the premises of the Institute at the University of Concepción and Dichato.

In order to coordinate the work in between the post doctoral researchers related with the Millennium Institute of Oceanography, in addition to emphasize the research for this present year was performed. 3

Dr. Alejandro Murillo, who organized the activity agreed that the results of emphasized the importance of a workshop of this kind is relevant for there research. "The visit to Dichato was exploited at maximum and it was a good closure for the meeting, as we had the opportunity to visit the facilities available at the station and also visit Kay-Kay II vessel for approx. 30 min. This will allow the Institute postdocs have a better idea of the available infrastructure and the possibilities of collaboration between different research groups. In addition, having the Kay-Kay and have the option to use it in short cruises, to address specific scientific questions, allows us to not rely on larger oceanographic cruises which have to apply for funding and whose award is complex ".

It should also be noted that each post doc had the opportunity to publish their latest research topics and what its projections for this year would be. From this gathering, general objectives are expected to accomplish this semester, along with a subsequent agenda committed activities.

foto1 "My impression of the activity in general is that it was successful, and as a first scientific worksohp" IMO Post-docs, leaves us much work ahead to create an active network of collaborations. However, we are working on specific goals, we hope to evaluate the second Workshop 2016 to be held tentatively in September-October, "concluded Dr. Alejandro Murillo.

Finally, it is important to note that three working groups addressed topics of collaborative research between post-docs.

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