French exchange student arrives at IMO

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The magister student Laura Galezowski of the Pierre and Marie Curie School of Paris, is since January working in the laboratory researcher Peter von Dassow in Santiago.

In order to work in optimal comparisons and thermal tolerances cocolitoforidos the genus Gephyrocapsa; from France arrives Laura Galezowski, who will work hard on this project until June this year.

Along with research, there is the challenge to learn a new language and a new culture. "I arrived in Chile on 14 January. I had the opportunity to come to Santiago because my University School Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris has an agreement with Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, "says Laura. The student also believes that Chile is a very friendly country and is happy to know a different culture.

Laura, is very excited to be working in the laboratory of Peter Von Dassow, as it is surrounded by researchers with extensive knowledge in the domain algae and teamwork.

On the subject of his thesis, he says that "work in different strains of microalgae are coccolitophores. My research is based on the study of the maximum growth of different species coccolitophores depending on the temperature. This, to see if some strains of algae underwent acclimatization to temperature and if they grow faster than others. The goal is to put algae in rooms at different temperatures and measuring its growth in order to follow a growth curve and determine if the growth is faster at a temperature relative to others of the same strain. "

Teamwork and laboratory is helpful for this student. In addition to integration, because "I have been well received in my teammates," she says. Laura completes its exchange in Chile on June 28; to complete the process of magister in Paris.

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