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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Undergraduate student from MIT / WHOI Joined the Program in IMO, Mara Freilich (23 years old), arrives in Chile to work with the researcher Pablo Marquet since March. US native hopes to continue this project until December of this year.

With her project entitled "Network analysis in ecology," Mara hopes to work throughout the year in Chile. She traveled to Concepción for 10 days to cover other areas within her research, along with Osvaldo Ulloa.

"I'm studying models of interaction between species, such as mutualism and competition. Also the relationship between the spatial structure of ecological communities. A method of modeling the interactions between species is to use networks. I will use mathematical models to compare the empirical species interactions from marine organisms and microorganisms, "says the student on the subject of her research and what brought her to the country.

About Chile, Mara is very happy to live here; besides her intentions to work on her Spanish. "I really like living in Chile, I have been fortunate to know many places. I live in Santiago and traveled to Concepción to work for 10 days. I'm getting a lot better in my Spanish, "she says enthusiastically.

The student is also grateful for the spirit of teamwork that have received in a very pleasant way. Mara Freilich continues in Chile until December this year, then she returns to finish her graduate studies.

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