Training in Computer and Effective Communication for Students and IMO professionals

Monday, August 14, 2017

Since 2017 students and professionals from the Millennium Institute of Oceanography are receiving new trainings courses. The first is about process data through computing programs and the teacher was Edwin Rodríguez, Computing Civil Engineer and the second course was given by Jean Pierre Molina, journalist, who have developed the second of these interactive workshops, about communication.

The goal is to provide extra tools for science area professionals and students that increase their capabilities. Regarding this objective, Edwin Rodriguez is satisfied with the work done for several months. "At the beginning, my workshops were about computing, starting with basic concepts, and recently this became a programming course. In early January of this year, we started with a trial on three classes. Then, as people was really interested we continue" says the IT professional.

The IMO journalist Jean Pierre Molina was teaching the Effective Communication workshop. "I think communicating is a fundamental tool since remote times. What I wanted to get was make them reflect about the power of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. I am very satisfied, since I could to deliver new tools, and in step break the misconception that journalists only know how to take photos and write notes" says the communications professional.

Due to the success and interest regarding both workshops, we are intended to be continued, with new participants in both subjects, delivering interactive, theoretical and practical workshops to the IMO community.

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