Students from San Nicolas visit Dichato with IMO sea workshops

As part of the completion of school activities in 2016, a delegation of 50 students from the Sergio Martín Álamos School in San Nicolas visited the Marine Biology Station located in Dichato, Universidad de Concepción. Children from third to sixth basic cycle lived the experience.

This occasion, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) brought children closer to the Sea Sciences. What is zooplankton? And how important is the ocean in life? These were just some of the questions that were solved in these workshops. In addition, they could enjoy the observation of samples of zooplankton and living organisms in aquariums, which included starfish, fish, crabs and anemones.

Violeta Silva, science teacher at the educational establishment valued the activity as an instance of approaching a reality away from the students. "It is an important experience, we are far from the sea. These workshops are novel for children and help them in their scientific work. It also contributes to the acquisition of knowledge. It is very different to work in a classroom with photographs, and that interact with live organisms. The practice helps the student to generate more curiosity, "said the teacher.

The workshops were held in three courses, where students could rotate to acquire all the knowledge. Bárbara Léniz, Assistant Director of Extension of the IMO emphasized the importance of encouraging students with science. "The children were very enthusiastic and interested in the activity. The students were rotated in three seasons. We made an introduction about living organisms in the ocean and also a scale of sizes from the smallest to the largest organisms. They also observed zooplankton samples under the lens and a last station that included observation of living organisms, "said the scientist.

IMO had previously worked with this establishment in 2015, with the Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Exhibition (MACI) and some scientific talks. In this activity, also participated the IMO monitors: Johanna Medellín, Linette Tralma and Caroline Nova.

Other news

IMO researchers attend important symposium in India

Between 2 and 5 December, the director of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography; Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa, along with the doctoral student of the IMO; Montserrat Aldunate, participated in the Symposium "Response of the microbial community to the deoxygenation of the ocean" held in Goa, India.

Representatives of IMO participate in Mexico in Workshop on measurements of chemistry of the carbonate system in the framework of the LAOCA Network

Between December 3 and 11, a workshop named "Technical Workshop on Carbonate System Measurements" was developed in Ensenada, Mexico within the framework of the Latin American Ocean Acidification Network (LAOCA).

IMO surprises with the curiosities of the sea to students of the Colegio Madres Domínicas de Concepción

On November 29, the students of fourth level of the Colegio Carmela Romero de Espinosa of Concepción Madres Domínicas, visited the Station of Marine Biology of the Universidad de Concepción in an activity that sought to link them to the Sciences of the Sea.

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