Coihueco students visit Marine Biology Station of the UdeC

Monday, October 17, 2016

As part of the activities of outreach area of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), 40 students from different levels of basic level of El Porvenir Cato School commune of Coihueco, traveled and internalized on Marine Science, in a guided tour to the Marine Biology Station of the University of Concepción.

The activity was done on October 13, wich began with an introductory talk about global ocean: its immensity, depth and biogeography. Learning concepts such as oceanic islands, trenches, ocean ridges, continental shelf and intertidal zone. Then, through guided activity made by IMO monitors, students were able to discuss and reflect on their previous knowledge and clear doubts.

Subsequently, a practical activity was carried out to discover the intertidal zone in Dichato. Here, they were able to meet the various organisms inhabiting this area and assess the abundance and species richness using quadrants.

Mario Poblete, teacher at El Porvenir de Cato School was pleased with the work done by students. "Our school is located in the pre range, they did’nt know the sea. It is a new experience, this activity allows them to learn a different medium and deepen their knowledge. In addition, it encouraged them to continue exploring on the Ocean. Our school is based on a model of constructivism teaching and this seems concerning "he said.

The activity was in charge by the extension area from Millennium Institute of Oceanography and attended by the following IMO monitors: Daniel Veloso, Evelyn Bustos, Francisca Olivares and Valentina Valdés.

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