Celebrating the Month of the Sea: IMO and COPAS worked together with primary students in Dichato

Friday, May 20, 2016

On Thursday 19 May, they workshops linked to the Marine Sciences and organized by COPAS Sur Austral and the Millennium Institute of Oceanography were made.

Primary students from Dichato E-427 and Santa Cecilia School of San Vicente, Talcahuano, could live the experience of getting to know the Marine Biology Station of the Oceanography Departament, Universidad de Concepción, in Dichato. Paul Gómez, a member of COPAS Sur-Austral states that " students learned with MACI (Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show) and through the observation of samples they could learned about fish Life Cycle, microalgae and could appreciate some living organisms. It is essential to approach to students, since most of the problems related to the marine environment requires a change of mentality in the community that should be promoted from the youth, who are the future of the country and the world".

Barbara Léniz, assistant manager from IMOs outreach team, emphasizes the importance of creating awareness from an early age in the responsibility with our environment. “The importance is to raise awareness and sense of responsibility in taking care of our sea. Chile is a marine country, and is the responsibility of each of us to taking care of our ocean. It is important that children grow up with a marine culture, because they will they will become committed adults, feeling the sea as their own, "said the professional.

Finally, the activity was sponsored by the PAR Explora Biobío and the Chilean Society of Marine Sciences.

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