Celebrating “Month of the Sea” in Talcahuano: IMO leads talks in two Schools

Thursday, May 19, 2016

In order to celebrate the Month of the Sea, educating in an entertaining and dynamic way students, two talks were performed on 12 May in Escuela Cruz del Sur and Liceo Talcahuano A-21.

On the occasion, Macarena Troncoso, chemist and Master student in Science with mention in Oceanography from (CR)2 Center, made the talk: "The route of garbage into the ocean" in Escuela Cruz del Sur. The aim was to inform children about the deterioration of the planet and raise awareness. Macarena emphasizes the importance of creating awareness from an early age and says: "Given the importance of the issue of pollution was possible the audience participation through their own experiences, for example, reduction and recycling of waste such as cardboard and plastic, reuse organic waste into bio orchards and by observing pollution in rivers and beaches of the Biobio Region".

Meanwhile, Evelyn Bustos, marine biologist, conducted the lecture "Ocean and climate" aimed at secondary students from Liceo A-21 Talcahuano. "The goal was inform about some oceanographic processes that influence the transportation of heat on the planet at different scales. Large-scale processes such as Thermohaline Circulation, identifying the importance of this to climate change; And processes of medium and smaller scale, like ocean currents and upwelling events. One example is climate phenomena like El Niño - La Niña, as a factor influencing the climate periodically.

It should be noted that both groups of students were very participatory in the activity, where there was also time for questions and interaction with each speaker.

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