"Biodiversity in the marine environment" at Mozart Schule School

Friday, June 10, 2016

In the context of "IMO at school", the Millennium Institute of Oceanography visited the Mozart School of Concepcion on 6 June. On the occasion, the monitors led the talk entitled "Biodiversity in the Marine Environment".

The aim of the activity was to show children the diversity of algae and animals that inhabit the marine environment, specifically in the coastal, oceanic and deep zone present in Chile. Also, it emphasizes that the country has a vast maritime territory, which is larger in size than its continental portion.

Belén Franco and Guillermo Feliu, both marine biologists and IMO students of Master in Oceanography were responsible for this activity, which brought together 40 students from fourth and fifth grade.

Belén Franco made a positive assessment of the activity: "The experience was rewarding because of the enthusiastic participation of the students. During the course of the talk a constant dialogue between exhibitors and students was generated ".

Meanwhile, Guillermo Feliu emphasized the possibility of supplementing the content offered in the classroom with talks like this: "I really like the dynamic that exists in this type of activities, we present information to students they don’t really study in their classrooms. This creates interest and curiosity in children".

Important is to link scientific research with educational institutions. María José Muñoz, Mozart Schule School’s teacher said: "It is always important that universities approaches to schools by the material and content work. Pedagogically it is very favorable. To us it important to complement taught in the classroom contents ".

The activity ended with a experimental work: observation of zooplankton and deep fish samples. Students drew the organisms that caused them more curiosity.

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