IMO established an historic milestone by reaching the depths of The Atacama Trench

Friday, February 9, 2018

A scientist team of the Milennium Institute of Oceanography achieved to immerse up to 8.081 meters of the Atacama Trench, with the ambicious and always complicated goal of studying the deep ocean.

On board to the research vessel AGS-61 “Cabo de Hornos” and with a Lander’s help – autonomous, unmanned and free fall vehicle- designed by the prestigious engineer Kevin Hardy, the IMO reached the successful achievement of being the first team of chilean oceanographers that descend to the deepest point of this marine trench, placed opposite the coast of Antofagasta.

This event -that means an unprecedent landmark for the oceanography in Chile- has been collected by national and international media.

Down below, are enclosed some of the links to several websites and internet portals, where you can find the articles (in spanish) that explain the importance of this expedition, in order to provide you with more precise information and accurate data about the results of this research.

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