Puppet Show “Tony Tonina: Fins in Action” Inaugurates New Children’s Park in Coliumo

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

On Saturday January 6 a new park designed to be a meeting place for residents and a playground for children was inaugurated in Coliumo.

Representatives of the Coliumo Cultural Foundation wanted the famous characters in the children’s TV series “The Scientific Recipe of Tony Tonina” to take part in the celebration through the puppet show organized by The Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), intended, in a playful way, to raise children’s awareness of the contamination of the oceans mainly through the accumulation of plastic.

This brief production, presenting an entertaining and convincing story, stars the comic characters Tony, Estelita, Lala and Don Gritardo, and aims at warning children about the threat posed to the environment by the existence of an evil “Plastic Island”, the archenemy of this show’s green protagonists, thus spreading the message of the importance of taking care of the oceans.

The show was attended by Coliumo residents, who brought their children to enjoy this educational production performed last year in a number of schools in the Biobío Region. It is designed to be a useful teaching tool through which children can learn, in a playful way, about the impact and consequences of human activity on the marine ecosystem, a crucial subject for all of us.

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